Friday, March 9, 2012

Never Say Never

Now that I have two kids, I've been wondering how I can get stuff done and still keep everyone happy. The thought of babywearing crossed my mind but I didn't know anything about it. You know that old saying, "Never say never"? Well I used to say I'd never cloth diaper and I also said I'd never wear my baby around. We're now cloth diapering and loving it so how about the babywearing?

Well, I dropped Kybug off at the babysitter's a few weeks ago and she was expecting a visitor. To make things easy, she pulled out her wrap, tied it like magic, and slipped little Kybug into it. Kybug nuzzled right into the wrap, went to sleep in no time, and the babysitter had two free hands to do whatever she needed to do. I was intrigued. I honestly didn't think it would be that easy and safe for the baby but after seeing it in action, I knew it would make my life easier.

First time using the Moby.

I waited a day and the next evening I was sitting at work and decided to order myself a Moby wrap for Kybug and myself. If you've never shopped at or any of their other family sites, you have to check it out. My favorite thing about this family of online stores is that I can place an order before 6 p.m., Monday-Friday, and my order is delivered the next day! If you're like me, and you hate waiting for something you've ordered online, this is probably music to your ears! Anyway...I just missed the 6 p.m. cut-off on Friday and my order finally got here Monday just as we were about to walk out the door for our son's doctor's appointment that is a good 80 miles from where we live. I told my husband he had to give me a few minutes to figure out how to put the wrap on (I had watched a YouTube video so I had a pretty good idea) so I could take it with us. The Moby wrap was so easy to use! I wrapped it and pulled it and tucked the ends a time or two and slipped Kybug down into it (this part could use a little practice) and to my surprise, she was asleep in less than 5 minutes! 

Now, I don't recommend getting your little one all cozy in the wrap just to take them out and put them in a carseat but I had to know how to use it. Turned out that it was a good thing that I did a trial run and took the wrap with us because no sooner did the doctor come into the room to see our son, Kybug started fussing. I put my Moby on, slipped her into it and she was out like a light! My Moby is magic! Okay, not really. I know she loves it because it snuggles her in close and she goes right to sleep. I also love it because it keeps her close and I feel like it's great way to bond with her.

Enjoying a pretty day outside
with the kiddos.
I've only used the Moby a few times so far but those few times are enough to have me sold on babywearing. Not only is it comforting to Kybug but I'll be able to get stuff done, all while staying close with my baby. And having two free hands while still being able to keep her close is a huge plus!

Do you babywear? What's your favorite wrap or sling?

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